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There are many different kites available. To help you with your search, you will find the most important information about kites below. We are also happy to advise you personally when it comes to finding the right kite for your needs and plans. Ask us for best price offers!

Choosing the perfect kite

The kite is without a doubt the most important part of your new kite equipment. That's why you should inform yourself before buying and be clear about what your new kite should be able to do and what you have to look out for when buying a kite. In order to help you a bit and to give you the necessary knowledge for this decision, we have written our Buyers Guide Kites. Here, all your questions are answered and you can choose your new favourite toy with a good feeling. Of course, we are also happy to advise you personally! You can reach us by phone at +49 (0)5101 91 29 740, by email at via our contact form.

The right kite for your riding style

You probably already know which direction you want to take - unless you are at the very beginning of your kitesurfing career. As a beginner, you are looking for a good-natured kite that will help you learn and provide the best introduction to the world of kitesurfing. Freeride kites or wave kites are usually recommended as beginner kites. If this appeals to you, you should definitely check out the kites for beginners section in our Buyers Guide. In our opinion, the Eleveight RS or the CORE NEXUS are particularly recommended for you. If freeride, i.e. high jumps, long strokes and relaxed cruising makes your heart beat faster, you should take a look at our Freeride kites here. But even if you are looking for a radical freestyle kite or wave kite, we have the right thing for you in our kite store.

Choosing the kite size

The next step is to find the right kite size for you. This depends on a number of factors: your weight, your favourite discipline and the spot where you usually ride. The more weight you have, the more power your kite needs to pull you, so your kite needs to be bigger. A good size for beginners is 12sqm. If you want to be on the water in almost all wind conditions, you can round off your range with a 9sqm kite. If foiling is your passion, you need a smaller wing than for jumps with massive hangtime. And if you live next to a paradisiacal Brazilian lagoon, we would recommend different sizes than if you call the German inland your home. Most kiters know exactly what size kite they want. If this is not the case for you, just contact us and we will give you our recommendation!

What are the differences between kites?

There are countless different kites on the market and each kite differs from other gliders in small or large features. One very obvious factor is the number of struts. Almost all modern kites have three or five struts. However, there are exceptions, such as onestrut kites, which are particularly popular as Foilkites. The fewer the struts, the faster a kite goes - simply because it is lighter. However, the fewer the struts, the more unstable it is in the air. There is no such thing as a glider that can do everything perfectly. Small compromises always have to be made when choosing a kite. That's why it's important that you either inform yourself or let us advise you.

The different kite forms

On the beach, people often talk about kite shapes, such as C kites, Bow kites, Delta kites or Hybrid kites. Here you can read everything interesting about the different shapes. These concepts all have different advantages and disadvantages and are therefore suitable for different categories. A C kite, for example, has a lot of slack and a lot of pop, which makes it especially interesting for wakestylers. A Bow kite is very stable in the sky, can be controlled well overpowered and flies close to the edge of the wind window - ideal characteristics for a freeride kite. Most of the kites that are found on the spots are now hybrid kites. Individual features of the basic concept have been taken up and mixed with each other until the manufacturers have ended up with a kite that can do exactly what they were looking for. One of the most popular kites in Germany, the CORE Kitebaording XR7, has a delta bow shape - the best of both worlds.

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